One Speed Syndrome

Posted on: October 30, 2018

“One speed syndrome”, referring to the feeling of, and ability to perform at one speed when training and racing.

Triathlon is an aerobic sport, requiring a strong and efficient cardiovascular system. Therefore, aerobic training, or going easy, should be the primary focus for triathletes if they want to get FASTER.

“99 percent of the energy needs for a world-record marathon comes from the aerobic system. For an Ironman triathlon it’s more than that, and in relatively shorter races such as a 10k run, it’s still 95 percent. Even during a one-mile event, 65 percent of energy needs are aerobic-dependent.”
Dr. Phil Maffetone


However, training too hard is a very widespread trait in the world of endurance sports.

Whilst this can, and often does, lead to quick gains in performance, it is not sustainable. Younger and stronger athletes can sustain it for longer but will ultimately deprive themselves of aerobic efficiency, the fundamental building block essential for longevity in endurance sports.

Injury and ill-health are likely to arise, but even if they are eluded, reduced race performances (speed) will occur.

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