Entry Conditions:
All competitors enter at their own risk. While medical assistance is provided for the duration of the event no liability will be accepted by Immortal Sport Ltd and private land owners or individual race organisers for any injury incurred by entering this race.
Pictures and video footage may be used on the race website or that of our sponsors and in advertising material and media write-ups. All competitors entering agree to their photograph being used for these purposes.
Medical Conditions:
It is recommended that you prepare and train for this event. Please consult your doctor for a check-up if you have not exercised for some time. If you have a medical condition it must be detailed on the reverse of your race number provided. We strongly advise you seek medical advice before participating in this event and you disclose to those medical advisors the nature of this event.
For reasons of safety:
The use of personal listen devices is strictly prohibited
Your declaration:
By signing up to this event you have already agreed to the following:
“I agree to abide by the rules of Sports Governing Body and the event. I understand that I enter the race at my own risk and that no person(s) or organisation(s) will be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss to myself prior to, during or after the event. I understand the organisers reserve the right to delay, postpone, cancel or not officially time the race in the event of adverse weather conditions or other events outside the organisers control. The determination of what constitutes this is reserved solely to the Race Director. Photographs of the race will be taken for publicity purposes. I understand that my image may be used and give permission freely for it to be used. I understand that entrants under 18 years old require the permission of a parent or guardian to take part in the event. I agree to my personal information being used as described below.”
Personal information handling in accordance with Data Protection Act (1998)
We take privacy issues seriously and want to be open about the way personal information you provide when you enter our races is collected and used. We use the personal information you give us to keep you informed about race arrangements, to develop and enhance our event, and inform you about future events. We may pass your information to our race partners to produce results for the event. Your e-mail will never be passed on to other companies or third parties. We will contact you using the email address you supply on your race entry form.
The organisers have taken every step possible to ensure this is a fun, safe and enjoyable event. The race has been organised by and with the help of volunteers to raise money for charity. We hope you will take the run in the spirit in which it is intended. If however, you do have cause for complaint please would you direct it to the Race Director at the Race Control Area where a formal written complaint can be recorded and duly noted. All competitors will also be asked to complete an on-line survey after the event in order that we may make improvements for future years.
Race Numbers:
Race entries are not interchangeable. Entries cannot be assigned, transferred or sold to any third party and is therefore strictly prohibited.
Event Cancellation:
In the event of the race(s) being cancelled an alternative date will be provided where possible. If this is not suitable then monies are refundable.
Accident and Illness Reporting:
In the event that you suffer illness or injury during the event, you are obliged to report it to the nearest marshal.
Withdrawal from Event:
If you are unable to take part in the event, and you withdraw the monies for your entry will be donated to our supported charities.
Changes to terms and conditions:
We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions at any time. Please check regularly for any changes, which will be immediately applied to your continued use of our websites.
From the moment we begin to organise an event, we start to incur costs. Your entry fee is invested into the cost of staging the event – everything from barriers to toilets, from printing to safety pins, from race numbers to marketing. Organising any event requires a considerable amount of forward planning, risk and expense. Our withdrawal policy reflects this and is as follows:
Credits will be issued after the event and as follows:
• Notification dated 8 weeks (61 days) or more before the event = 50% credit
• Notification dated 4 weeks to 8 weeks (30 to 60 days) before event = 20% credit
• Notification dated less than 4 weeks (29 days) before event = nil credit
Due to the nature of sports events we are unable to make exceptions for injuries or pregnancy.